Working along side MacMillan cancer Support and Cheryl Johnson from Croydon Social Prescribing courses were developed to offer activities for people living with, or in remission from cancer and their partners or family and friends.

The activities include a range of interesting and important things to support and encourage people in their experience.

I was honoured and excited to be approached by the organisers to take a mindfulness meditation sessions in helping attendees with mindful techniques that may help them live well with cancer, it’s treatment and to help their mental well-being, as well as offering movement in the sessions which is designed to help with physical well-being. It is seen that if a person has had lymph nodes removed as part of their cancer treatment, movement is essential in preventing lymphoedema, which can be quite debilitating and painful. 

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Testimonials from some of the attendees on the course are below:

“These sessions are absolutely fantastic’

‘I have not smiled like this for a long time and feel so good, and I loved the session’!

‘Ive tried meditations before but nothing has worked for me, but the techniques that Pete has introduced in the sessions has really helped me manage’

“As a Chartered Psychologist in Private Practice I have to be very discerning indeed about who I recommend to my clients. I use Mindfulness with many of my clients and can attest to its effectiveness as a treatment, both personally and through the work of other practitioners, which helps people with many issues.   However, Peter Lawrence takes it to another level which I consider to be masterful. I have personally found his sessions extremely beneficial nd enjoyable and to top it all – fun.  I always feel very relaxed and uplifted and positive about life – both during and after his sessions. I looked forward to his sessions and sadly miss them now that they have finished.

He has developed a unique approach, combining Mindfulness with several other reputable treatment relaxation methods,  and he tops it with his beautiful soothing voice. I have already referred Peter to several people and will continue to do so. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peter’s group work.”