Christmas Mindful sessions

During the Christmas season 2020, with such unsettled and upsetting time, I decided to take a 30 minute mindful meditation each and every day, including Christmas Day, between 8.30 – 9am, from Tuesday 22nd December until Saturday 2nd January 2021. This was to help with people’s mental well-being, physical health as well as providing a community of support throughout this period.

Testimonials from participants:

I have found the morning sessions over Christmas helpful and enjoyable. They have encouraged me to get up and start the day earlier than usual. They have provided an positive and friendly start, and a reminder of how I can help myself during the day by breathing correctly, exercising gently and staying mindful of the present. This has definitely helped during what has been a challenging Christmas. JL December 2020

Minfulness sessions are something that I value very much, they helped me to reset the way my brain works, to think in a calmer way, to bring back focus to things that are important in life, to look at the world and people in it in a more understanding way and to respond to whatever is happening around me in a way that would not cause me unnecessary stress or upheaval. AR December 2020

This year with Covid, has been particularly difficult. The morning sessions have been very uplifting and help with mental, emotional and physical health. JD December 2020