Pain management Testimonials

I have lung and throat cancer and haven’t been able to breath properly for a very long time, and I have also been in a lot of pain. Since I have adopted my breathing technique to the way you teach I am now breathing much better, plus using the meditations on pain management, especially the finger breathing, I can manage my pain and at times I don’t feel the pain at all. 

Please put your finger breathing technique on your website as it is brilliant and has helped me so much! K Oct 2021

Mindfulness for me is better then dihydracodeine I occasionally take for joint pains in colder months and for long days at work, but rarely take it now, or tramadol (was taking it for 4yrs) as I  use a lot of Cherry Vit C and Turmeric daily, which helps me so much that I rarely take painkillers. AB Sept 2020

But 3 days ago I noticed that my often painful Subluxed right shoulder I had for last 4yrs, has Gone!!! I can ONLY put it down to your group work and might be the qi jong (Chi Kung) exercise and especially the tapping the back. So I owe you many thankyou’s! AB Sept 2020

I’ve been in pain for a very long time, and unable to work for the last 11 years, but since doing the pain management course, I can now manage my pain so much better that I now have a job! Thank you so very much! S Sept 2020

I can dip in and out of pain by going into my breath. This makes me feel very emotional as I haven’t been with out pain until I have explored Mindfulness Meditation. A very big thank you! DS May 2020

Pete’s mindfulness course is truly amazing and has really helped me in the management of my EDS. Taking part on a regular basis has resulted in me feeling much calmer, focused and in control of my challenging condition. Each session has a specific dedicated theme e.g. balancing or anger and incorporates many different elements such as meditation, breathing, visualisation and mindful movement. Pete always gives clear explanations of the objective and rationale for each activity which I find helps with learning and developing self-awareness. The link between the body and mind and emotions is invaluable. Love the chimes! CH May 2020

I have never felt so relaxed in my life since doing the Mindfulness course at Putneymead with Peter, and the arthritic pain in my neck, that has been so painful, has eased with the gentle Chi Kong movements we do on the course. I feel fantastic! Thank you. JW May 2020