MBSR course

I became qualified to teach the Mindfulness Based Stress `Reduction (MBSR) in 2015 at the London Meditation Centre, which has since moved to the Isle of Wight, and renamed the Internal Community Centre for mindful Living. Their contact can be seen at the bottom of the page:

I have been teaching the MBSR since. The course involves 8 weeks of attendance, with another week as an introduction. Since the lockdown in March 2020 the sessions have been online delivered through Zoom.

The MBSR course outline:

Introduction – What is mindfulness and mindful meditation practice. The 8 week course and the important of home practice.

Sessions 1-3 Grounding in the Body with the Body Scan meditation, sitting meditation, Mindful eating, the mindful body breath, movement, walking and noticing your body.

Sessions 4-5 Stress Reaction versus Response, in these sessions you will learn how to respond and noticing when you react by becoming aware with meditations on awareness.

Sessions 6-7 Interpersonal Mindfulness, covering loving kindness for yourself and others, and how you communicate with friends, family and people who may annoy you!

Session 8 – Reflecting on your present and future mindfulness practice.

The Zoom sessions will include break out rooms for attendees to support each other over the mindfulness course, this will be a chance for each person to feel supported as well as support the others in their personal practice, for example what Apps they may have found which they have found useful, or what Youtube clips, what have they discovered with the practice in their own lives. This is a very important part of the course as it builds a support network, and provides a chance to interact with other participants.

If you are interested in attending the course or finding out information for your business or organisation, please use the Contact Form for more information.

Link to the: The International Community Centre for Mindful Living