On-Line Retreat

Hi and thanks for visiting this page with the information on the January 2021 retreat.

I’m hosting an on-line meditation retreat over the weekend of 22/23/24 January 2021. It will be a series of meditations over the weekend starting Friday evening, and finishing Sunday afternoon. 

The meditations will include: connecting with your body, engaging with nature, the benefits of the coherent breath for better health and reflecting on the right question to ask yourself. There will be plenty of spare time to reflect and relax in your own surroundings over the weekend. 

The cost is an incredible £55 per person. It is for the over 18’s and under the 120s! 

The theme of the retreat is ‘permission to change your path’. 

What a great way to start a new year, and maybe your gift from friends and/or family for Christmas has been solved!

It will be relaxing, you may learning techniques to help you breath better, hopefully have fun too and maybe learn a bit more about yourself! Sounds great! 

The draft plan for the weekend is below, and will be updated, if necessary nearer the time:

Friday PM

7.30pm – 8.30pm

Arrival and coming into the breath


7.15am – 8.30am

Gentle movement and moving into the day

Break for breakfast

9.30am – 11am

Meditations and Mindful movement


12.pm – 1pm

meditations – Permission to change your path

Lunch and self reflection/rest

Option watching a youtube link with Jon Kabat Zinn

5pm – 6.30pm

Loving Kindness and self compassion meditations

Evening to yourself


7.30am – 8.30am

Arrival and coming into the breath

Break for breakfast

10.30am – midday – Optional Yoga with Ciara

Or silent walk in nature or both. 

when finished break for Lunch

2pm – 3pm 

Reflection final meditation

Please let me know if you wish to join, or have any questions by using the Contact Form.

With Kindness