Pain Management meditations

Below is information on 4 pain management meditations that should only be used after completing work with myself or another Mindfulness teacher who is recognised as a specialist in this area of work.

These meditations reflect on your emotional, physical, mental and sometimes the spiritual reaction to pain. Pain is seen as two arrows, or primary and secondary. The first arrow or primary pain is the pain itself, which is there and we cannot do anything about, but which we spend most of the time fighting and wishing it to go. The second arrow, the secondary pain, is our emotional, physical, mental and sometimes the spiritual reaction to the pain, which sometimes is worse than the pain itself, and this is where the meditations focus.

The meditations below fall into categories.

The first meditation: ‘Landing on the pain‘, is the initial step in noticing the pain in a gentle, kind and tender way. You need to work with this mediation, it is just over 11 minutes, until you feel you are able to go a bit deeper into the pain, but take your time. If you rush or expect instant changes you will be disappointed, that is why attending one of my sessions or another teacher’s is so important. Rushing will only help you fail. And that’s not what any of us really want. Take time, as you are changing the brain patterns and it’s reaction to pain, and that takes patience, kindness, tenderness and time.

The second pain mediation ‘Touching the pain with tenderness‘ is when you can imagine holding the pain without wishing it wasn’t there.

The third meditation ‘Making the pain yours with kindness, acceptance and with self compassion‘. is where you start to accept the pain is with you, either short or long term and allow it to dissolve.

The final meditation, which is different to the other 4, and is also below, is ‘Finding the Pleasant Meditation’. Sometimes when in pain you maybe only aware of the pain and you may not realise other areas of your body are not painful. Try this one to feel a soft, gentle and pleasant place in your body, or sense the pleasant in drinking water, sensing the air on your face, listening to birds sing, or the sound of traffic.

The first meditation ‘Landing on the pain‘ is below, and here to use freely. Please contact me if you wish to listen to the other meditations as I need to know you are ready to listen to them. This process has to work for you, and it cannot be rushed.

With Kindness


Landing on the pain

Finding the pleasant meditation