Testimonials: Croydon Social Prescribing

Below are many testimonials from attendees to my Group Mindfulness sessions as well as the Zoom sessions I now take since lockdown. You may find them interesting.

Following up on the chat we were having at the start of today’s session, I wanted to email to let you know how the mindfulness sessions have helped me. Several weeks ago I had a phone consultation with a GP because I was experiencing symptoms such as lightheadedness and chest tightness. The GP advised that my symptoms sounded stress related, as I have a lot of work stress at the moment in addition to pandemic-related worries. I have found the mindfulness sessions very beneficial in helping me to reduce these symptoms and my overall anxiety. As work stress has increased I have been attending sessions more frequently, and this has stopped me from needing to consult with a GP again as I have been able to reduce symptoms through mindfulness and meditation. Thank you so much for what you do. MW August 2020

I’m more self aware of dealing with workplace stress/stressful life situations and have improved strategies when dealing with stress. AG Mar 2019

It (mindfulness) has helped a lot for me to accept everyday stresses of life and deal with them. KP July 2019

What a godsend this has been to me. I have managed to stay reasonably calm during this worldwide problem (Coronavirus and lockdown) only by logging onto your sessions to ground me. The exercises also have relieved tension build up. It has taken time for me to benefit from Pete’s classes, but these online sessions I have found very beneficial as I feel more comfortable doing in the comfort of my home. Thank you Peter. FBT May 2020

A better understanding of how my mind and body work together and I do feel I’m in a better place. AB Feb 2019

I started with severe anxiety (PTSD) and what I have learnt has been instrumental in my recovery. It has changed my situation completely for the better. I’m less stressed, less anxious and has lessoned my low mood. TF July 2019

Better anxiety management, stress reduction and increased energy level. AM July 2019

I feel less stressed, more able to prioritise things and to let things go. I’m kinder to myself and have a more balanced lifestyle. EA May 2019

I sleep better, and find it easier to relax. AD July 2019

The classes have definitely had a very specific impact. By doing the Lions Roar Meditation I have felt something shift in me that has rid me of my on going anger. Anger is so corrosive! Thank you. SR June 2020

Since attending I’ve been able to use some techniques to improve my ability to deal with stress/grief. Peter is an excellent teacher and I feel lucky to have found this class. LR May 2019

The weekly sessions (through Zoom) has kept me focused, something to look forward too, it promotes my mental and physical well being, it’s nice to socialise in this way during these challenging times. L May 2020

Since attending Pete’s classes I feel calmer, my relationships with family members and friends have improved. I get agitated, frustrated, angry less often. KKN December 2019

Mindfulness has helped me to address matters in a less stressful manner. Better sleeping pattern. SM Nov 2019

Improved focus, and reduced anxiety, and better control of negative thoughts. PMB December 2019

Reduced blood pressure, I have more energy, better weight management. PB Feb 2020

The course has given me a better understanding of Mindfulness, and has given me greater peace of mind, reduced stress, better breathing. SC Feb 2020

Its (Mindfulness)taken me to a different level as to what is achievable if one makes an effort. Pete has been an excellent tutoring and he gives great confidence in helping to get me in touch with my inner self. Keep up the great work. KH Feb 2020

Acceptance and attitude of non-judgemental curiosity and kindness. JPH Feb 2020

Has helped me become a more calmer person. AMS Nov 2019