Testimonial – Ernest Bevin College

To whom it may concern

Peter Lawrence has worked with one of our students on a regular basis for over 18 months. At the start of his work the student was coming to terms with his traumatic past and the challenging emotions that followed. The school and foster carer were struggling to support and manage very strong emotional outbursts and challenging behaviour. The student was in 4 of his 30 lessons because of this.

Pete’s work, focused around mindfulness strategies provided the student with the tools to cope with powerful emotions he was experiencing, accepting those strong emotions but by using particularly finger breathing to cope and work through them. Pete provided continuity and someone outside of the home to help with problem solving and a safe space to talk. This continuity has ensured the impact of the change of placement caused as little stress as possible.

Pete is consummate professional, since meeting him I have commissioned him to deliver mindfulness interventions at the school for both staff and pupils. Nothing is ever too much. He is an incredibly positive and impressive person who always holds the young people he supports and works with at the heart of his work.

The student is now in all his lessons, his peer relationships are much improved and he has the tools to cope with all the emotions that he experiences daily. Petes work has had a massive impact on getting us to this point and I thank him.

As designated lead for Looked After Children I support numerous LAC and feel that this type of mindfulness work should be an essential part of the global support to help them cope with trauma.