How I got here

Welcome to my website.

Here you can see the projects I have been involved with and am currently working on contact details, testimonials and general info about me as a Mindfulness teacher.

I teach Mindfulness as I am passionate about how it can help as I can see the benefits it can make to a person’s well-being.

I have been a Mindfulness Teacher since 2015 and came into it after my wife, Angela, completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Reduction (MBSR) course. I have always meditated on and off since the mid 1980’s which helped with my mental well-being and found the Mindfulness course relevant and useful and so I trained to teach it. I qualified at the London Meditation Centre, which was based in Camden at the time.

I then qualified as a DotB and PawsB meditation teacher with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) enabling me to teach children aged between 7 – 11 yr (PawsB) and 11 – 18 yr olds (DotB).

I delivered courses as part of the University College London (UCL) and Cambridge University Myriad project, which researched the effects of Mindfulness on children’s mental well-being.

I also work with Merton CAHMs, with children in foster care and have worked with several schools.

 I am delivering  the MBSR to adults through the Social Prescribing NHS initiative in Croydon through the Parchmore Medical Centre.

I take pride in my work, ensuring I deliver a high quality course, this can be seen by all the testimonials from people who know my work and the retreat I ran in March 2020.

Please contact me, through the contact page, if you wish to find out more or engage me in delivering well-being sessions for you or your staff.