Testimonials – Merton Social Services

Merton Social Services:

Dear Peter

I wanted to say how impressed I am with the work you are doing with the boys, it is amazing to be in a review and hear children talk about their emotional reactions to stress in this way. It is also amazing that XXX is able to be in so many of his classes now that he has the mindfulness techniques.  I worry about how the future will be for these children as what has happened is so heart-breaking and I hope that this will in some way equip them to manage their reactions.  If I had my way we would have you working with every child and young person as this really is the way forward.

I don’t like tick box Looked After reviews and am much more interested in the way in which emotion and trauma is processed and this was just the best example I have ever seen.

Kind regards

SR –  Independent Reviewing Officer

Oh Pete! That’s such lovely feedback! I ditto what SR said about how valuable it would be to have you work with every child looked after!

It’s such a privilege for me to be working alongside you!

Thank you so much for your hard and inspiring work and your commitment to these children!

GI – Merton CAMHS