On-line sessions with Zoom

These sessions are free as they are sponsored by the NHS’s Croydon Social Prescribing initiative, and are seen especially important now to help people through this unsettling time.

Due to the current restrictions with coronavirus with face to face group meetings I am now running a series of Mindful meditations on-line through Zoom. These sessions are especially designed to help with well-being during these times.

The weekly sessions are as follows: (please see the current newsletter, released each Sunday, which gives changes to any session times for the following week)

Monday 9am and 7.30pm

Wednesday 9am and 6.30pm

Friday 9am

These sessions include meditations in: Gentle movement with Chi Kong, feeling the breath, sensing and listening to the body, using our senses, mindful walking, listening to nature. And much more.

Please contact me, on the Contact Page for further information and for details of the sessions if you wish to join.